Not Addicted Seasonal Sale Picks

As a long-standing member of the Proper fam, Not Addicted is a site we always look at, especially when their generous sale season kicks in.

The well established online shop was one of the first to help us put together Proper, all those years ago, taking out an ad which helped us pay to print it. Still going strong, we thought it’d be nice to pick out some of the better bargains from their seasonal sale.


Always reliable at this time of the year, Scando super brand Fjall won’t let you down. Added points for sporting the Gutulia Anorak too. Han Solo vibes.

From one brand you’re not quite sure how to pronounce to another, Saucony. We’ve got it on good authority it’s pretty much ‘Soccer Knee’. Imagine if they did football boots? I’d wear them. For now, I’ll have to make do with some Shadow 6000, like these.


So that’s #COATS and #FOOTWEAR covered. You’ll be wanting some kecks then won’t you? A pair of strides. Pants. Trousers.

Ok, #LEGWEAR. Well unless you’re wanting to wander around one of those naturist beaches with nowt on?

If any denim brand is suited to such a setting, it’s Nudie. All in the name, see? All in the sale too. Everything you’d want is catered for and at a fair discount. I won’t provide pictures for everything when you can click here and see them for yourself. Instead I’ll post a pic of these black ones, because it might just be time to embrace charcoal jeans. If you wear it with the right other stuff, you can avoid looking like one of those notrights who play World of Warcraft.

That’s all for now. There’s loads more in their sale than this though, and if you’ve any sense about you, you’ll have a closer look.

Not Addicted

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