Novesta Star Master – Grey Corduroy

Ah, good old Manchester.

Seriously, in some parts of the world, corduroy isn’t called corduroy at all. It’s called Manchester cloth. Or Manchester for short. Mad isn’t it?

Not too far away, a mere hop across the Irish sea, they just call it cord or corduroy on Sundays. Those men of the Cloth are fussy like that.

These Novesta are game-changers as far as I’m concerned. They’re the type of footwear that always sounded great in principle but nobody ever quite did them. Corduroy Pumps? Wouldn’t work, they said. Probably.

And yet they work brilliantly, especially in this slate grey colour, which rather fittingly matches the sky in Manchester today (and indeed most days).

Get yourself a pair here.

grey_aw16_1 grey_aw16_2

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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