Oi Polloi – Deck Out and About – A Day at the Track

I’ve been at a vintage fair today. It’s only down the road, the weather was nice and it represented the ideal opportunity to look at lots of things I used to see at my Grandparents’ house years ago.

The Northern Soul soundtrack which blasted out featured numerous foot-tappers but it was far too warm to have a full on dance. This was lucky – I decided – because the assembled scooterists were wearing massive mod parkas, with fur trim and several patches to go with the bald one on their head.

These were men in their late fifties and it occurred to me (because I’m a dick like that) that surely being a mod was a bit different to being a modernist. If these were true to the ethos they wouldn’t be dressed like they were on the way to a Quadrophenia fancy dress party.¬†They’d be wearing something a bit more contemporary, albeit with similar appeal?

That’s the key isn’t it? Moving forwards. When something becomes less appealing or done to the death, you stretch out of the comfort zone that it created and do something a bit new and different. Or maybe you don’t and I’m a bad nause.

Oi Polloi do though. Having pioneered and perfected the Deck Out format (when I worked there, which may or may not be a related fact), they were copied by all and sundry. Plus there are only so many times you can create a caricature around a smart outfit without crossing the line of actually ridiculing it. You run out of piss-takes. I found this to my cost a few times when I was writing them.

While an injection of new blood and fresh ideas has given the Deck Out fresh impetus, it hasn’t stopped Oi Polloi from evolving it slightly. That’s why they’re now doing Deck Out and About, I’d wager. No need for short, show off words from some gobshite like me. It’s just nice clothes worn by people who suit them in a place that looks good too.

If it’s all about moving forwards and leaving behind the imitators, where better to take your camera and clothes than for a day at a car track? Because cars move forwards too. That’s why I said that. The cars in question are all Japanese and featured at the recent annual Japfest event. That’s a real thing.

If you see anything you like, head to Oi Polloi for a try on. Mercifully, there are no parkas with patches.
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