Oi Polloi go Fly-fishing with Patagonia


“Ah but does it work?”

That’s the perennial question when it comes to outdoor brands crossing over to lifestyle. Most people don’t care, because they’ll never need to climb a mountain in their mountain parka, or shoot a deer in their hunting jacket. But there’s a certain authority that comes with certain brands, because you know it looks good and it works.

Oi Polloi sought to re-assert this with Patagonia, a brand for whom the outdoors is their lifeblood. The Manchester institution headed across the border to Wales, pausing only to point out how the signs say ‘School, Ysgol’ and commenting that the police cars have ‘Heddlu’ on them. It’s like another country.

Anyway, they went actual fly fishing. Here’s some photographs they took. Read their brief account here.

Then once you’ve done that, you’d do well to browse their Patagonia gear as well.

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