Olderbrother at Oi Polloi

When Oi Polloi elbowed their way onto the scene all those years ago, they quickly developed an eye for brands nobody else had thought to get involved with. As the internet allowed all the other retailers to catch onto their clever appropriation steez, it’s been hard for them to stay a step ahead of imitators. Once in a while though, they happen across a brand that is really, really Oi Polloi. And Olderbrother is the latest example of this.

Coming from Portland, Olderbrother is both original and Oregon-al. </joke ends>

Seriously though it’s a brand which wants to do its own thing, using fabrics you didn’t know existed and mixing up the fits to ensure their gear portrays a certain sense of fucks-not- being-given. Which is nice.

Plus, the name won’t be lost on Steve Sanderson, joint captain of HMS Oi Polloi. I interviewed him years ago, like, probably a decade or more ago. And he told me the coolest kids all had an older brother who introduced them to the stuff they weren’t yet meant to be into. So there you go.


Mark Smith

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