Oliver Spencer Breton Tee Navy Multi Stripe

How do you pronounce “liquorice”? Do you say it all posh like ‘Likworiss’ or do you say it like a 1950s child would, as in ‘Lickerish’.

My guess is that despite his rumoured links to the aristocracy, Oliver Spencer wasn’t sure either and instead of saying both in that nervous way we all revert to when we’re not sure how to pronounce something, he just sat down with his pencil and some paper and created a t-shirt which embodies it instead.

ThisĀ Bertie Bassett steez tee is currently setting hearts and minds alight in the centre of Leeds, probably, and the same feeling can be had if you head to their website. Even if you don’t like the taste of liquorice, this could still help you cut a dash as the rain clears, the flowers bloom, and everyone starts wearing their sunglasses.

See more Oliver Spencer atĀ Hip.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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