Oliver Spencer Camo Fisher Jacket

What do you mean you can’t see it? Oh right, you were doing one of those jokes about camouflage weren’t you?

Bad jokes aside, the time is now isn’t it? The worm is turning and the time to dress like an exceptionally stylish wildlife lover is here. Camo is back. And rather predictably Oliver Spencer finds himself one of the strongest proponents.

As different patterns of Camo stealthily return to menswear bit by bit, its nice to have a homegrown designer fly the flag.

Manufactured in the capital city (and centre of the fashion universe) London and made from classic British military camouflage fabric (Disruptive Pattern Material – DPM) the Fisher jacket was one of the stand out pieces from Oliver’s menswear show earlier in the year, it says here.

In Oliver’s own words ‘the fisher jacket is a sophisticated take on a varsity jacket.’ And he’s right aswell, that’s exactly what it is.



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