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Around five years ago some of members of the Faithfanzine forum community decided to do a ‘House Tree of London,’ it was based on something similar that designer Wigan had done for the 10th anniversary edition of The Face magazine . As with these things it caused a whole heap of controversy with people demanding props for missed nights or challenging who came before who or what branch led to their favourite club.

Last year the London House community lost one of it’s founders and favourite sons Kenny Hawkes. As a tribute to him The Original Store asked the guys to jiggle the tree and bring it up to date for T-Shirt and poster print.

The plan (bureaucracy permitting)  is that all monies raised from the sale of the T Shirt and posters will be donated to a fund for a bench in Brighton in memory of Kenny Hawkes.

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  1. Hi Ari – wow I’ve just noticed that you’re in London. I love your blog! I’m sure you’re relaly busy but if you have any spare time I’d love to meet up for a chat and blog about you. Please let me know what you think, I was going to email but thought this might be quicker. Maybe you could leave a message on my blog or something(?) Looking forward to hearing from you.Best wishes,TNMAPS No need to post this message!

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