Orsman SS14 at The Great Divide

Whenever a new brand pops up on one of our favourite shops, my ears prick up. In a virtual sense. 

Often, the unfamiliar name piques curiosity but when you click through you end up cocking your head to one side and saying to yourself “Hmm, yeah, I get it, but it’s not for me”, or “That is nice, but can I afford it? Not sure”.

I didn’t do that with Orsman. Having first been drawn to the bright striped tees, I looked deeper and saw that Orsman is the brainchild (great word) of Greg Finch, a former pro skateboarder with Palace and Pointer on his cv. Decent credentials.

I’ve also been after some decent quality, well priced, nicely fit sportswear for two reasons, hence my interest here.

Firstly, the realisation in January that I’m 36 this year, in bad shape and low on energy most of the time led to a gym membership which I’ve managed to keep going for three whole months. Sure, I’m tired all the time now but I’m sticking at it and it’s getting easier. Give that man a biscuit. A gluten free one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near gastric band territory, I just sit on my arse a bit too much. I’m still fairly dreamy.

In addition to my health kick, my mind is slowly turning to the summer, when I’m off to America for the first time ever. My childhood holidays were mostly on campsites and having two young kids means the inevitable stateside sojourn has been put off more times than I care to remember. It’ll finally happen this year though, touch wood. What does that have to do with nice clothes though? Well, I’m only going to Philadelphia aren’t I? New York too, obviously. But when I get to Philly, I’ll swallow my shyness and don the grey marl to act like The Italian Stallion/a complete melv.

Sprinting up some steps may just be something I can manage by then, though whether I’ll have the energy to jump around when I get to the top remains to be seen. I’ll bloody try.

Either way, I’m well getting those tracky bottoms.

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The Great Divide


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