Our Legacy Great Sweat

I wish someone would come up with a better phrase than ‘wardrobe staple’. I’m sick of seeing it, sick of hearing things described as it, and sick of referring to it ironically myself.

How about we start calling wardrobe staples ‘bare necessities’? No, hang on, how about ‘things we really like that we can wear every day’? Or ‘twrltwcwed’? Reckon it’ll catch on? No, me neither.

I’ve got five Our Legacy Great Sweats. Five! I know! CRAZY!

Thing is though, it’s not enough. I want more. I nearly bought the pants to go with them the other day but couldn’t justify the outlay even at half price. A sweatshirt is more versatile than a sweat pant though isn’t it, hence the wardrobe overloaded with the things.

Lots of brands have done a take on the original preppy sweat but few have done them as good as Our Legacy. I’m defo getting another one, it’s just deciding which is the best.

Available in grey marl, mixed colours, navy blue and grey melange.

What do you reckon?

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Mark Smith

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  1. I’ve got three, one of which you gave me (Neil)

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