Our Legacy Green Amazonas First Shirt

I would not wear this. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t.

Not the most glowing endorsement for an opening statement is it? But let’s have it right, it says more about me and where I live than the shirt itself.

In another lifetime or a parallel universe I’d wear this to bloody death, I would. It’s what my less self-conscious alter ego would wear as a guest to a same sex marriage ceremony. A bit racy, a real statement maker, that statement being “I’m at one with nature and I want you all to know how happy that makes me”.

I’m carrying a bit of excess Terry these days and as such, any sojourns into the realms of mad pattern printed shirts just make me look like an attention seeking darts player from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Or maybe a Pussy¬†Bonpensiero tribute act if such a thing exists. That’s me though. You.. you’re a different matter. You ride a bike and avoid pot noodles. You should definitely buy this.

No, there’s nothing wrong with this shirt at all. It’s all kinds of crazy. Sadly though, I am not, so in the absence of the required minerals to sport this down at the shops/pub, I’m putting a flag in the ground on here instead.

Available from:-

Number Six London


am-front am-pocket1 am-side


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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