Our Legacy Perfect Tees

Peggs and Son have it pretty ok, you know.

Being based down there in Brighton on the south coast means that if this country is fortunate enough to get any sunshine, they’ll get it first, and probably better than the rest of us. With that in mind no doubt, they’re already peddling Our Legacy, whose confidently titled Perfect t-shirt has us in mind of all sorts of springy, summery smartness.

It’s got me thinking about hit musical Grease as well. No, you shut up.

The terry towel version is proper Future T-Birds, while the pink one is like something Olivia Newton-John would sport while doing a vigorous session of keep-fit.

I’m not selling them here really am I?

Oh God, come on it’s Our Legacy. They’re Swedish, they call their sweatshirts ‘Great’ and their t-shirts ‘Perfect’. How can you not be into that?

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