Our Legacy Relaxed Shorts


Is this the first post of 2014 where a pair of shorts are the focus? Being ones of the editors and the reluctant proof reader in chief, you’d think I’d know but to be honest I’ve been too preoccupied to make a mental note. January was mostly trying to work out what the hell Cadbury’s are playing at bringing Creme Eggs out so early. February was spent in acceptance that it was in fact a good idea, therefore gorging myself on them. And so far, March has been spent trying to kick a chocolate egg habit.

So yeah, shorts, have we mentioned them yet? I don’t think so. I’ve not left the house today but my better half/enemy/her indoors told me the school run was littered with lads dressed like toddlers. Long Bermuda shorts, flip flops (FLIP FLOPS!!!), t-shirts with slogans that are absolutely meaningless. And bad bins.

It seems a good time to dig out my spring essentials.

Did I just say ‘spring essentials’? Lol@me.

Shorts though. There’s only really Our Legacy who could make an elasticated denim or linen short look cool as fuck. Usually the preserve of overly chatty women in Greggs, elasticated linen kecks aren’t the go-to short for most lads I know. But they should be, because Our Legacy have made them acceptable. They’re a dear do but if you’re reading this you’ve got a posh phone or even one of them computers what they have these days, so you’ve got a few quid.

That’s if you’ve not already spent your savings on Creme Eggs like me.



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