Our Legacy Shield Jacket

I like this time of the year.

It’s ideal for cherry picking the sales and yet there’s always a whiff of autumn/winter stock. I nearly said “We’re heading for a Fall” again then but I’ve used that hilarious line too much before. We are though aren’t we? Heading for a Fall. Autumn.

I’m wearing shorts as I type this but the rainstorms are a stark reminder that we live in a country with proper annoying weather.

With that in mind, a timely email popped in my inbox. It was one from our mates at The Great Divide, whose mix of brands is proper spot on I reckon. They were telling us about their ace sale again but also tipping us the wink that Our Legacy Autumn/Winter is live.

I’ll leave the wool alone until at least October, but their Shield Jacket is bang on time, and probably bang on trend too. I’m not well up on the trade show circuit enough to say, nor am I arsed. To me it’s just a proper smart Swedish raincoat. It also inexplicably includes the word superdry in its title. Fair to say it’s the only item with such a moniker I’d entertain wearing. I’m not Joey Essex, I’m Marky Stockport and I’m 34.

I doubt the lads at OL had a mood board with my spud head on it when they put this coat together though. I won’t let that put me off liking it though.

Shit, I could have worked a Raining Champ pun in there. Never mind, maybe next time.

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