Outdoor Essentials from Yeti

We’re all spending a little more time in the fresh air these days, partly because of the old covid situation and partly because, well, it’s just nice.

While we’re unfortunate to have a limited amount of outdoor time here in the UK, it’s more than enough to justify ownership of serious outdoor lifestyle kit. Gone are the days of tupperware tumblers (sadly IMO) and in their place are premium branded items from the likes of Yeti.

All types of drinkware is available but they’re not just a water bottle or flask brand. From luxury cool boxes to dog beds, they’ve got everything for that 3 week caravan break you’re dreaming of, or even a summer spent sitting in the garden getting irritated by that patch of grass near the hedge that never grows. Yeti will make it all that bit better.

Check them out at Parasol.

Check Yeti out at Parasol

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