Owner Operator Wool CPO Shirt-Jackets

Layering up is a very autumnal thing, or if you’re American it’s something you do in the ‘Fall’. In fact, I reckon Proper comedy hero John Shuttleworth should do a song about choosing the correct attire for when the temperature drops, and he should call it “Heading for a Fall”. That said, he has long extolled the virtues of the fleece (“God bless the fleece, it brings us inner peace”) so maybe he’s said all he wants to say on the issue of clothing to be worn in single-figure temperatures.

We’ve not though. That’s why we’re pleased a chap called Brad got in touch recently and told us about these Wool CPO shirt-jackets from New York’s Owner Operator.

Pure Americana in three autumnal colours, they’re available from the Owner Operator website right now. With all that nasty weather they’ve been having over there, these are sure to rank alongside a bottled water, tinned food and a dead big torch in the “stock up, the storms a-comin'” stakes. Even if you’re quite relaxed and cool, and not the type to panic at the thought of some wind and rain, there’s a special version for you in “Chiller Blue”, get it?

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Mark Smith

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