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Remember a couple of issues ago when we started droning on about brightly coloured parkas and mad outdoor stuff? We called it Hikerdelic. We even did some t-shirts with Topo Designs.

Around the same time we were tipped the wink by our mate Russ at Trainerspotter (and formerly of Heritage Research (RIP)) that a forthcoming Trainerspotter collaboration would be right up our Rue. And isn’t it just?

The Topo Designs offshoot Oyo Mountain Products recently took their first tentative steps, with the aforementioned Trainerspotter collab standing proud and suitably loud at the forefront. A huge spanner is now in the works of my own January sales fighting fund because I want EVERYTHING on the Oyo site.

I guess I’ll just have to be a good boy and hope Father Christmas is feeling festive and just a little bit hikerdelic too.

Check out for more.

oyo_x_ts_jacket_detail_large oyo_x_ts_jacket_large

oyo_frisbee_large oyo_mesh_tee_yellow_large oyo_mountain_corn_mug_large oyo_mountain_cosmos_pack_teal_large oyo_original_logo_tee_navy_large oyo_x_ts_hat_large oyo_x_ts_tee_back_large

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