Palace Skateboards Muscle and P Cycle Tees

What’s that word that means the meeting of two things? Justa… juckster.. jux… justapo….

You know what I mean.

Well, here are a couple of tee designs from that brand that is aimed at cooler young people than us, but we like it anyway, surely meaning we’re actually cooler than the cooler young people?

With hints of Do The Right Thing and that kind of era of films, the Palace Muscle t-shirt is pretty smart. I think if pushed though (by someone with muscles) I’d have to say I prefer their back print tees the most. As someone who diligently puts out his bins, this is straight up my strasse. Both tick boxes though and if I was being particularly pretentious I’d say they show the versatility and variety in Palace’s designs. Hence the juxtaposition reference above.

Hip have got these. Even if you don’t like them that much, they’re worth the investment as eBay prices hold up pretty well. Don’t say we never give you anything.


Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


  1. Mark Smith

    Nobody is ever obliged to write anything on here. We have full control and we write whatever takes our fancy.

    I like Palace. I don’t think it’s necessarily aimed at me. Nobody is trying to be Steve Coogan, Frank Skinner or David Baddiel, although there are worse people to be likened to.

    Struggling to see how the audience is having the piss taken out of it. Enlighten me.

    Also, maybe post under your real name/email, otherwise it makes you look a bit of a shithouse, tbvvvvh, m8.

  2. Monkey Tennis

    is this cool? Is this cool? Is this really cool? The king of Proper does a steve coogan impression as the rest of us try to work out which one is skinner and which one is baddiel.

    Seriously if you’re contractly and financially obliged to feature palace and dickies and wwhatever, at least don’t take the piss out of your audience. A nodding winking shifty manc is usually trying to rip someone off.


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