Palace Skateboards Spring 2017 Lookbook

I saw a Rockport sweatshirt in Bags of Flavor the other day and the proprietor (aka The Oracle) opined that nobody ever looked good wearing Rockport boots with shell suit bottoms. He’s right. They didn’t. They looked bloody ridiculous. I thought nothing more of it, it was a fait accompli, it went without saying, almost.

Then Palace put a pair of what appear to be Chelsea boots with some realtree camo kecks and I had to have a big sit down to consider my life. Ok, I didn’t. But as with many of the most revered brands out there, the way they style it is almost meant to twist your head a bit. I know for a fact if I paired the above shoes and pants with that Biggie Smalls Coogi-style jumper and bowled down Castle Street near me I’d get a nearly finished cig flicked at me, as well as a cache of witty put downs.

But I’m not Blondey McCoy. And I don’t live in a place known for tolerance. Instead I can do what I do with Stone Island, Engineered Garments, Supreme and all the other fellas, and sift through the lookbook for the stuff I could get away with. I’m highly unlikely to don Lucien’s two piece Embassy Blue¬†tracky, but I’m not Lucien, I’m Mark.

The cord cap is bang on, the lilac zipped sweat with concealed hood is pure C.P Company, the Inter and Juve tributes are sure to be snapped up by your mate who tells people he supports “Afflecito Bilabow” (and also, me), and there’s a healthy smattering of gear which steals a little DNA from brands popular with 1990s¬†grafters. You know the ones.

Its available from their actual shop a week today, and online a week later.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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