Pointing Out Pa’lante Packs

Pa’lante make smart accessories in a town that rarely gets temperatures below 25 degrees, all year round. Based out of Bishop, California, Pa’lante came to our attention via the always-on-it Outsiders Store, who carry a nice selection of their gear.

If your curiosity takes you to google their hometown (as it did me) you’ll find something that looks like a place John Wayne would hang out in. That’s because it’s exactly that. Plenty of Westerns were shot here back in the day.

Today though, the area is well known in the climbing community, hence brands like Pa’lante calling it home. Having never had the pleasure of a stateside visit, even less the opportunity to take in California I’m going to stop talking about a place I’ve never been, now. Get on these backpacks, and what about those drinking bottles? They’re collapsible and fit snugly into the chest pockets on said backpacks.

Just check Pa’lante out at their own website and of course the aforementioned Outsiders.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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