Palladium + Finisterre Pallatrooper Hiker WP+

Celebrating its 20th year, Finisterre is the uniquely British surfwear brand, formed in St Agnes, Cornwall. Their name is taken from the latin “finis terrae” which means the end of the earth, or perhaps in Cornwall refers more accurately to Lands End. Like many brands born out of passion, Finisterre began by creating the type of fleece required to warm up cold bodies as they emerge from the cold Atlantic. From there an entire brand was formed. Naturally, their connection to their environment bleeds into the gear they make, both in function and in terms of its impact on the environment.

Working with footwear brand Palladium is something they first did last year, keen to create some winning footwear to work alongside their clothing.

The French footwear brand began its own story back in 1920, originally making aircraft tyres. Having perfected the process of making metaphorical shoes for planes, they moved onto humans in 1947, with their iconic Pampas boot. Its canvas construction helped it find favour with the French Foreign Legion who needed something sturdy yet light in the North African desert.

The Palladium story continued into the latter part of the 20th century where they took the leap into the USA, further expanding their appeal beyond function, into fashion.

Back to today though, the two brands have come together again following last year’s successful collab. The waterproof hiking boot named the Pallatrooper returns, just in time for that Christmas walk, post meal, slightly tipsy. The rugged boot is constructed from heavy-duty polyurethane, waxed organic cotton canvas and rubber, and they’ve been rigorously tested in the harshest conditions.

Both brands are writing their own respective stories, but this chapter has been penned together.

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