Palladium launches Survive and Revive collection

Iconic French brand Palladium brings its 74-years of footwear innovation to life with its FW21 collection.

For a brand known for such a recognisable silhouette it much be a constant challenge to put forward new and innovative takes on the brand, but it’s a challenge they’re not shy of tackling, as this season’s campaign shows.

Each of their ranges gets a fresh look. Their Heritage collection gets a boost in the form of a new shoe, the Pallatrooper. The Metropolitan category places sustainability at its core across a number of products, each with elements of recycled fabrics. And finally their Urban Utility collection fixes its focus on performance and functionality, with no compromising allowed. This, too boasts elements of recycled materials.

For a brand with such a long history, it can be difficult to remain relevant but Palladium retains the spirit of youth by offering three distinct product stories. All that remained was bringing these to life using talented creatives, and for that particular brief they’ve enlisted Mathew Rainaud, Hollie Fernando, Cecilia Alvarez-Hevia Arias, Wendy Huynh, and Julian BurgueƱo, each of whom are celebrated talents in their specific fields.

With each part of the process boxed off, all that remains is for you to take a closer look, which you can do here.

Check them all out here.

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