Palladium’s Pallatrooper Leads The March

Did you know, the 1863 Slater’s Directory of Manchester & Salford lists 640 ‘Taverns and Public Houses’ operating in the cities? That number is far lower today, and drops even further if you discount hipster café bars that serve gin in watering cans and avocados on cricket bats. There are still a few ‘proper’ pubs holding the fort though, as well as one or two newcomers that have embraced a more traditional aesthetic. 

The great thing is, these places often have really interesting back stories. Take the Briton’s Protection on Bridgewater Street. This place has been around since 1806 and as the name hints at, this place was formerly used as an army recruitment office. The nearby Pevril of the Peak with its distinctive green cladding dates from around the same time and is one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings in Manchester. The Castle on Oldham Street is older still, dating from 1789, and is a personal favourite.

But why am I going on about pubs? Well, it was against this rich tapestry of taverns that we took a wander in a couple of pairs of Palladium Pallatroopers recently. This is a brand with its own rich heritage and military history and the latest Pallatrooper collection comprises a new family of boots offering a fresh new take on what gives Palladium its unique style. 

As you’d expect from a brand with an army pedigree, the new styles are available in a selection of premium Gold Rated Standard leather uppers including box black leather, a tribute to the brand’s military roots, an oiled leather for higher durability and a premium look, and finally soft leather for extra comfort. 

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Thanks to The Castle Hotel, The Freemount, The Pevril of the Peak, and The Britons Protection.

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