Parka London ‘Farrar’ Pac-A-Parka


If you’re about to embark on a musical mission to either the Reading or Leeds festival this weekend then politely pop over to Parka London and pick up a pac-a-parka please. Putting pleasing alliteration to one side, you’ll thank me for it later when you’re body-slamming to Bugsy Malone without a care in the world. Why? Becuase if it’s blazing sunshine then you won’t have had to carry around a big bulky jacket all day and if/when it does start to piss it down then you’ll have one of these lightweight beauties to throw on and keep you dry as you fist pump to foals. Me personally I’ll be at Moovin festival knocking back sherry to Lee Scratch Perry.

Pick up a proper practical party friendly Pac-A-Parka here.



Farrar_Navy_Front 2_Him



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