Parkin Fine – A 2014 Annual by Josh Parkin

Proper collaborator and all round good egg Josh Parkin got in touch a few weeks before Christmas asking for some ideas to go towards his annual promo publication. A few well chosen words later and he had a name and a daft top ten to go with his excellent, quirky, distinctive drawings.

It’s always nice to do nice things with nice people, and this fits the bill perfectly. Josh made sure it got in the hands of all his favourite brands and shops in an impressive display of promotion, without being a dick about it. It’s more a case of ‘Hi, I did this, you might like it’ than ‘HEY YOU I CAN DRAW PAY ME SOME MONEY’, which in this cut throat world full of fashion frauds is something I find refreshing.

Here are some photos of it anyway. You can see more of Josh’s work at his website¬†

Images borrowed from The Casual Connoisseur.

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