Paszport! Launch

Remember Paszport?

Well, just because England are out we don’t all have to stop talking or reading about football do we? Ok, so the debates from soccer nauses about tiki-taka, passing percentages and why the English can’t keep the ball for more than 3 seconds will rage on just as long as Sky tell them it does. The divs.

If you’re a more discerning football fan, one who actually has a mind of their own, then Paszport! was put together just for you. With fanzine types and authors on football culture involved it’s a mixture of clued up insight and the best type of navel gazing.

It’s available direct from Mother, the agency behind it, as well as several other retailers, all of whom are listed at the end of this video taken at the launch night. Nice paradox between the tone of the mag itself and people shouting at a footballer on a telly, don’t you think?

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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