Patagonia Special Edition Encapsil Belay Parka


Much as I like gear that has all the bells and whistles, cares for the environment and is an industry first, in general I prefer just look at the nice pictures/films rather than go into all the techy details that we’ll all have probably forgotten within ten minutes of reading it. Having said that, the time, effort and plasma treated technology behind this splendid piece of (extremely limited) outerwear has resulted in a water repellent down with unprecedented 1000-fill-power, which is pretty big news. That’s as geeky as I’m going to get though, as I’ll leave it up to Lee Turlington and the filmto fill you in on the rest of the details. See what I did there? Oh please yourselves

Not only is this parka functional, it is also beautiful,” notes Lee Turlington, vice president of global product at Patagonia, “If you are going to make the best possible product, it needs to be perfectly tailored and clean- finished. It is incredibly hard to clean-finish a garment like this – it turns a technically superior belay parka into a work of art.”





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