Patta x Experimental Jetset

Dutch streetwear stalwarts Patta and fellow creative countrymen Experimental Jetset have linked up once again for another collaboration.

Founded in 1997 in Amsterdam, Experimental Jetset is a small, independent, graphic design studio with a simple mantra: “turning language into objects.” The studio’s modern style focuses on printed matter
and conceptual, site-specific installations, their work is recognized globally and featured in
exhibitions at world-renowned institutions.

Their capsule with Patta sees a set of unique designs that echo the values of psychogeography. Experimental Jetset has overlaid classic Patta staples such as the Coaches Jackets, Hooded Sweaters, Graphic T-Shirts and Crewneck Sweaters with a psychogeographic spin. The idea of psychogeography is to defy the prescriptive directions leading you through a city, and instead drift, explore and wander in a more natural, free-flowing way.

Available online at and via their stores.

Mark Smith

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