Paul & Shark Continues to Pioneer Fleece Materials

Back in’t day, during the Great Fleece Race (the 70’s), Patagonia and several other brands competed to create a light, fast-drying material that was suitable for hiking. Before the invention of what we understand to be fleece material, there was wool. It was heavy when dry, heavier when wet, and took the entire hike to dry off. Importantly, though, it was warm. 

Patagonia won the race with the invention of Polartec – a polyester riff – and that is why they’re considered the masters of fleeces. Anyway – this is a small piece about Paul & Shark, not Patagonia, but a brief history lesson allows us to come full circle.

Paul & Shark just released this Ribbed Nylon Knit, made with their 3-ply twisted Cool Touch yarn which utilises Bretagne wool. This 21st Century yarn, still made of wool, has updated the OG material with advanced spinning technology that results in low pilling properties and increases the materials drying capacities and durability. Essentially – the same outcome as Patagonia’s fleece pioneering, whilst maintaining the beauty of wool. 

The piece, with a Q-zip and mixed nylon inserts at the collar and shoulder, is available at Pockets. 

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