Paul & Shark ECONYL Technology is Made of Recycled Fishing Nets

Paul & Shark ECONYL recycled nylon is committed to cleaning up the oceans. 

Paul & Shark has always pioneered technologies and combined them with good intentions. In July last year, they even raised money for The Shark Trust, and introduced two new marine-forward materials. 

One of these materials was ECONYL (eco-nylon, for those at the back), a lightweight nylon that’s constructed from industrial plastic, fishing nets and all sorts of ocean waste fabrics. These plastics are regenerated into a new nylon yarn that has the same qualities as virgin nylon, with the added benefit of grabbing it one step before it was fish food. 

The shimmering blue of this jacket from Pockets is reminiscent of the way the light strikes the sea, and as you wear it – whether that’s on a yacht, on a hike, or in a pub garden – you’ll be constantly reminded of how you did your bit to clean up the ocean. 

Paul & Shark ECONYL at Pockets.

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