Paul & Shark’s Most Thoughtful Shorts Yet

Listen, we’ve handled a lot of clothes. And out of all the brands which made a name for themselves in 1980’s Italy, Paul & Shark is quite simply the best quality. Seriously. For every good quality vintage Paul & Shark coat I can find you a hundred Stone Island coats missing an inner lining. Peeling. In tatters. Paul & Shark might not have the cult following of some of its contemporaries, but it’s an understated winner. 

It’s still continuing that lineage to this day. And these shorts in question are made of post-consumer plastic filaments, recycled into Econyl® fabric. They’re thinking about you – but also the planet. To be fair, a yachting brand with a shark as its logo really ought to care about plastic pollution. Now all you need to do is blag yourself onto a yacht and then you can tell everyone about how you’re doing your bit.

Grab a pair from Pockets and help the planet.

Shop Paul & Shark at Pockets.

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