Penfield SS12, Summer Prints

Lets not get bogged down with those typical British weather issues and start to look optimistically as to what we’re going to be wearing this Summer shall we? We’ve just picked up some splendid Penfield pieces on the Proper ‘style Radar’, the ideal kinda schmutter for keeping you proper cool on any sweltering, summer sojourn. Bleeping away on our screen was their SS12 collection, displaying a number of superb items each containing subtle Japanese floral print vibes. The nicely detailed Hatherly Oxford shirt teamed up with a pair of Grafton shorts,  tie, tote bag and belt will provide you with the perfect outfit for not being instantly recognised as a typical Brit abroad. Meaning you won’t scare off the local ladies and ensuring you get a decent table in one of those suave quay-side restaurants, though for God sake don’t ask for your steak ‘well done’ and complain about your beer being too cold or the game will be up!





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