Penfield SS15 at Not-Addicted

Slip inside the eye of your mind. Apparently, Noel Gallagher used to wear Penfield. You might have heard? Thing is though, it’s a nice jacket. So while he sported this at the height of his fame and gave the brand an injection of indie¬†cool, it’s fair to say Penfield as a brand is now a bit cooler than the ageing Burnage Britpopper.

Returning to that jacket made famous by Gallagher, and teaming it with another strong, well priced collection is what we expect from Penfield. Good, solid, affordable stuff that you’ll come back to again and again.

Not Addicted have got a good range, there’s some pics below but if you head to their website, you’ll see the full range. You should do that now, btw, not after you’ve finished that chocolate digestive.



penfield-baker-sun-hat-camo penfield-hemmings-sweatshirt penfield-kula-t-shirt penfield-pac-jacket-camo penfield-pac-jacket-orange penfield-pac-jacket-yellow penfield-seal-swimmer-short-floral penfield-seal-swimmer-short-navy penfield-tropical-t-shirt

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