Penfield: The Wilton Crew

You know when you just see an item of clothing and you instantly know that you’ll be wearing it by the end of the week?
A similar sensation I guess to when people spot their life partner across a crowded room for the first time (to the strains of Lionel Ritchie/Jeremy Kyle) and they realise that they’re the one that they’ll be spending the rest of their life with. Well I had that feeling when I saw the beautiful marriage of bold logo and cobalt blue on Penfield’s Wilton sweatshirt recently. I was instantly smitten and  I’d also solved the dilemma of what I would wear for a forthcoming interview with the legendary Shaun Ryder I had coming up. Not that Shaun would be arsed but it was kind of a big deal for me and I wanted to look my best in front of my teenage role model. The interview was for a documentary that will be out this Summer (called Goodbye Granadaland) all about the history of the unique and wonderful Granada TV studios and is already the best thing I’ve ever worked on. It’s a 90 minute show so make sure you’re wearing something cool that has a loose fit, which brings us nicely back to this ace Wilton crew necked sweatshirt. Buy it HERE

Neil & Shaun

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