Penfield x Johnstons of Elgin

Having admired (but never ended up buying) the Jamieson’s take on this down filled/wool mashup I’m determined not to miss out this time. Imagine what Billy Peltzer would wear if the Gremlins made a comeback. It’d be something like this.

Johnstons knitwear is all made in the border town heartlands of Hawick. These could be easily desribed as Hikerdelic, but how about Hawickadelic? Maybe a bit of a mouthful, especially in that weird borders accent, but not a bad way to describe them.

The Gillman comes as a vest or a jacket, both are down insulated and both look like something you’d wear to a rave in a cave with a man called Dave who hasn’t had a shave. Actually, maybe that’s him modelling it?

Nice Danners too. Also worth noting they do them for ladies, so if you want to give your Mrs a treat for Christmas that isn’t made out of chocolate/rolled gold, get on these.

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Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m trying to find the Penfield x Johnston’s of Elgin Fair-Isle jacket in a women’s medium. Any chance you can help me locate one? They seem to be sold out everywhere I look.



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