Pennine Outdoorswear Hats

Winter is for wool. For me, I mean. Whether it’s that really heavy Svensson jumper I insist on wearing every single day, or the Norse Projects beanie I purchased recently, and promptly dropped in a puddle in Crewe, there’s always some wool about my person. Socks too. I forgot about them, but they’re wool.

This interest in sheep hair based products extends quite far. Not far enough to don a pair of itchy underpants or anything, but still, when the people behind Pennine Outdoorswear got in touch to say they too were wool enthusiasts and were selling some nice hats and socks, I thought it was worth drawing more attention to them.

With Yorkshire themed names and just dead honest, well made hats by Highland 2000, it’s a sterling start for Pennine. What’s next? Who knows? How will they cope with summer when nobody apart from Badly Drawn Boy wears wool hats? Watch this space, I guess.

For now though, embrace the dark nights, the biting winds and the wool.






Mark Smith

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