Peter O’Toole Print Sale


I know we all appreciate the good things; hecky-thump that’s why you’re looking at this site of ours in the first place isn’t it.

Also aware that times are hard; we’re in a post Christmas lull, in the middle of an economic downturn. All a bit shit really, whichever way you look at it.

We can though turn it to our advantage. Jump in on some of those sales picks we’ve been pushing on here, and get that piece you’ve been after for yonks and wasn’t at the end of your stocking, for a much reduced price. In fact, a bit of a win for you.

Talking of wins, this could just be your biggest.

One of our long-time Proper pals, Peter O’Toole, freshly bathed in the success of his own trainer and book release for adidas Originals, has decided to be reet kind to you. I know very un-Yawkshire-like that is, isn’t it.

Peter’s having a bit of a sale of his own, but instead of your 10% here, or 30% there, he’s doing things a bit differently. Like a street seller peddling his wares before a visit from the Old Bill, The Artist Currently know as O’Toole is selling all of his prints for just a tenner each.

I know hard to believe your luck isn’t it.

For those of you not sure of his work (where the hell have you been hiding) you’ll see a strong influence of footwear (adi and Clarks pieces); clothing (Camo Stone Island and a Fully Fila’d up Bjorn Borg); Popular Culture (Morrissey, The Sopranos, Lock-Stock) and finally the Great Outdoors (Home).

For a full range of all available prints check his WebStore.


Only downside to any of this is that these pieces of print perfection are only available at £10 until tomorrow night (Friday 16th February). What you waiting for? GO!

Peter O’Toole

Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer

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