Peter Storm : 60th Anniversary Reissue

Will you allow me to be cloyingly self-indulgent for a few minutes? I’m going to anyway, plus I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘cloyingly’.

This week saw two things. Firstly, the launch of a couple of real, actual things I can point to and say “Me, that” when family members ask me what I do at christenings. And secondly, through my involvement in these things, I used up a fair whack of my allotted segment of fame. Is it five minutes or fifteen? I forget.

Anyway, not content with writing a passage about Proper for this smashing tome, myself and my ebullient son George made a cameo appearance in a rather cool video to promote the return of the Peter Storm cagoule. George’s brother Joe would have also enjoyed his small screen debut, but when the director shouted “Can we have the extras, please?” he scurried off behind a turnstile, beset with the rampant shyness which plagued me at the same age. The little melv. It wasn’t a demanding role for any of us, having each been conducting years of research. It was a form of method acting, seriously. What you laughing at?

Cheers to super stylist Glenn Kitson of The Rig Out/RSA Films for giving me the heads up.

Anyway, enough about me and more about Peter Storm. You’re familiar enough to know all about the brand and their signature garment so I won’t bore you. But I guess it’s worth underlining the thing that makes it so noteworthy is its pure utilitarian functionality. Try saying that without your teeth in. It’s one of those items that could probably be described as a design classic. The last decade in particular has seen it settle into its rightful place as the king of the cagoules.

The obvious time to relaunch would have been in conjunction with the release of Kevin Sampson’s Awaydays. Was it too obvious? Was the timing all wrong? Did the cult status of the cagoule take its owners by surprise? Who can say? Who’s arsed? Not me. While the cagoules worn in the film were custom made and with no Peter Storm tie-in, it’s fair to say Awaydays served as a timely reminder that this lightweight rambling chic deserved its place in the heart/wardrobe of lads across the country. Its place in the annals of casual history was cemented. Hey, I said annals. I know it’s Awaydays and all, but let’s not get too blue.

The important thing is the return of the Peter Storm cagoule has been a sympathetic one, with the simple shape an versatile feel of it remaining firmly at the heart of its aesthetic. The fact it has been made in the UK adds a degree of integrity that probably justifies the price tag.

I could write loads more smartarse words interspersed with the odd bit of slang, just like you’re used to, but to be honest the video is much more interesting. Check out the actual products from this coming Friday, 17th October. More details here.

And if you’re wanting to know what I look like, just keep an eye out for the lad with footballer’s legs.

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