Pique Season – Five Polos we reckon are Mint

Imagine how many puns we could get into this post.

The polo shirt is a perennial favourite in every male wardrobe. Whether worn for business networking golf days or collar-upturned shoplifting sprees, it cuts a dash in most company. It’s a t-shirt but with a collar. It’s neither shirt nor t-shirt, it’s a polo shirt and we would like to briefly celebrate it with five faves.

Paul and Shark
Almost as if it’s designed by Sunny Delight. This is a refreshing start to the list.
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La Paz
When is a polo shirt not a polo shirt? Could it be about the collar? Could it be the fabric? Look, I don’t make the rules, I’m just the messenger. All I’m saying is you’re here for some nice polo shirts but maybe sometimes you like to mix it up.
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Another of those brands who make nice things but for one reason or another we don’t take enough notice of. More combinations of slicks stripes like these and we’ll start paying more attention.
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It wouldn’t be a complete list without an entry from the polo kings at Lacoste. This one with a contrast croc is a nice subtle take on perhaps the most classic casual clothing item of all time.
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Well, wouldn’t you know… our own brand is in here on merit. No nepotism here. We’ve released our first attempt at the pique polo and we’re pleased enough with it to suggest it as an option amongst some seriously strong company.
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