Pleasures pairs up with New Order

In these testing times for the live music industry even the biggest bands have had to get their thinking caps on in their pursuit for a pound note. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons we’ve seen a procession of bands partnering up with clothing brands to add their name and indeed cultural resonance to the party. It’s helped introduce brands to people to whom they were – in some cases – previously unknown.

Pleasures could be one of those brands. Their new hook-up with New Order brings their a brand with its own sub-culture to an audience who maybe wouldn’t have heard of Pleasures before. On the flip side, a listen to pretty much anything New Order have put out shows just how ageless their music is, and as a result, a younger generation continues to discover it. If Pleasures helps them with this, even better.

This isn’t some cynical cash in during difficult times though, far from it. Pleasures comes from the brain of founder Alex James (not the one from Blur) who grew up in New York during the 80s and 90s, listening to music and attending gigs. He’s previously caused a bit of a stir putting Kurt Cobain’s suicide note on a t-shirt.

New Order were famously formed following the demise of Joy Division, whose maiden voyage to the U.S was cancelled when Ian Curtis tragically committed suicide. There may have been a temptation to call it a day but Joy Division became New Order and their first New York gigs soon followed ,in September 1980. Much of what they saw on tour became the blueprint for a new sound and a driver behind the formation of the Hacienda and led to Manchester being seen as a good location to have a fine time during the late 80s and 90s.

This range celebrates classic New Order imagery on clothing you can rely on from Pleasures.

It’s available now from John Anthony., in hoodie, jacket, trousers and t-shirt form.

Get some now or you might regret it.

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