Pleasures x Outkast 2022 Capsule

Pleasures x Outkast celebrates the influence of the Atlanta Rappers.

Founded in 1992 when André 3000 and Big Boi came together in East Point, Georgia, the Outkast grew an unmistakable mix of idiosyncratic, Southern-styled soulful and psychedelic sounds. 

Their music rippled through Atlanta, the South, and the rest of the States, paving the way for genre-breaking sounds that weren’t easily boxed up. On top of this, the duo’s dress sense was eccentric: André 3000 flirted with genderless attire, and their eccentric and theatrical performances placed them directly in the public eye, often evoking controversy. 

Pleasures was founded in 2015 and has made a name for itself for questionable and close to the bone prints. It makes sense that the two have collaborated on a set of t-shirts, hoodies, shirts and sweaters.

The collection is rife with Outkast’s provocative imagery: outer-space inspired ATLiens cover art, and iconic photos from the Stankonia era. 

Lesser-known photographs of the duo, including a shot of the pair in turtlenecks, has them looking like master poets. Back prints on the pieces are glossaries of the first three albums: ATLien, Aquemini, and Southernplaylisticadilacmuzik.

The short-sleeve shirt stands out, featuring the cover from Stankonia, with the black and white flag removed. Big Boi and Andre remain on either side of the buttons for a tribute that demands attention.

Browse the full range at John Anthony. 

Pleasures x Outkast John Anthony.

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