Poler Outdoor Stuff Breezy Jacket

We’ve been into this gear for some considerable time now, but this is probably the most impressive season we’ve seen from Poler Stuff.

Ok, so a man of my powerful, doughy frame wouldn’t get away with channelling 90s ACG via the Junkfood version of their Breezy jacket, even if I’m a huge fan of the foodstuff which lends it its name. Like a lot of stuff these days, I couldn’t get away with wearing it, but I love that it exists. The alternative version though, has my name on it. Not literally, though I’m so forgetful these days I’d probably quite like that. I’d never lose it.

The whole collection is pretty mad, with nice colours and a sort of skateboarding in the forest vibe, for when the camp meets ramp. I’d have written about the full lot but I’m too mesmerised by this jacket to go any further right now. You can see it all on their website though.

poler1 poler2 poler4 poler5 poler6 poler7

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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