Poler Stuff T-Shirts

Just over two months ago, I came across Poler Stuff. I think it might have been on instagram or something.

Anyway, as copies of Issue 12 of Proper flew out I was repeatedly seeing the word ‘Hikerdelic’ on the front cover and as such, that whole thing was at the forefront of my mind. When I clocked some of Poler’s t-shirts I thought “Yep, they get it” and promptly dusted off my Mrs’s debit card and bought two of them.

I’ve not dared to work out how much they actually cost, including postage from the US plus taxes, but they’re both great and will get worn to death.

Keep your eyes peeled on the website for more from Poler, plus perhaps even a feature in Proper 13, out in the new year.

For now, get a load of these t-shirts.

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Mark Smith

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  1. Swiss James

    Keep your eyes peeled for this one my man, can’t say too much right now but there are big things in the pipeline- with new concepts and ways of thinking coming online very soon. Again, can’t say too much but those that know the script will be down for the real rain which will cleanse the streets. Sorry, not sure what happened then.

    That yellow t-shirt is a cracker.

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