Poler x Nike Vapen Premium Snowboard Boot


Remember when we did this?

It feels like ages ago when we first brought some stuff we liked under the umbrella of Hikerdelia. Sadly, if you didn’t get a copy of Proper Issue 12, you’re knackered, quite frankly. They’re all gone, save for a couple of copies looking all smug on the shelf above me. The excellent artwork of Ben Lamb captured plenty of imaginations but we weren’t alone in enjoying the slightly psychedelic aspects of the great outdoors.

Poler are a brand who seem pretty much founded on those same principles, whether they realise it or not. So if you fancy something dripping in hikerdelia but never managed to get hold of Proper 12. Or even if you did get a copy but want to reinforce your outdoor nutcase credentials, this collabo between Poler and Nike Snowboarding is just the ticket.

Sadly, it seems my opportunity to act like a kid/right dickhead in the snow this year has passed me by. Mother Nature decided to play a wicked, horrible trick on us and send all her snow to America while we had to make do with getting dead wet and windy.

Maybe next year though, by which time I might have saved up enough for a pair of these beauties.



Mark Smith

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