Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Knit


I was watching the video for Last Christmas by Wham before, because I’m allowed to do that in my job. It was all cable cars and cable knits. Well, there might not have been any cable knits, it might have just been jumpers made out of wool, but I’m calling them cable knits because I’ve written it now and I like the turn of phrase.

Anyway, as all the office party lads do their best to outdo each other in the “I’ve got a personality” stakes, it’s time you and your cool bastard mates donned a nice bit of knitwear that shows them it’s not all about jumpers with Christmas puddings or reindeers on them.

Trust Ralph Lauren to come up with the Christmas jumper it’s ok to wear.

Available now at Hip in a trio of colours.

hp_102765_a hp_102763_e hp_102763_d hp_102763_c hp_102763_b hp_102763_a

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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