Pop on some Palladium Pallabrousse Tactical Boots

This being summertime 2022 style, a nice stroll in the woods is as good a way as any to shake off the post-holiday blues and spend at least 12 minutes not thinking about the cost of living crisis.

As we’ve seen, post-pandemic hiking is now a thing. It’s as popular as it ever has been and so the type of footwear required to enjoy such pursuits is of interest. While winter requires something sturdy and water-tight, summer is for something strong but durable and perhaps a little lighter than normal walking shoes.

Enter the Pallabrousse Tactical boot from Palladium. With its military look and feel, it’s pretty on trend, while the wax cotton upper is as practical as it gets.

Available in various colours, these will do you a good turn, whether worn for utility or just looking smart.

Get them here.

Mark Smith

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