Porter-Yoshida and Co Bags

These reassuringly spendy bags from Porter are bang on. They remind me of something Arnold Schwarzenegger would have used in Commando.

They manage to marry both luxury and genuine quality, which accounts for the price tag. You get what you pay for at the end of the day.

The military overtones are intentional. Inspired by various facets of military clothing, chiefly the MA-1 flight jacket employed by the US Air Force, these would look just as at home being shot at Pitti Uomo as they would being shot at behind enemy lines.

The pictures are great but they don’t do these bags justice. If you’re looking to buy something with genuine quality, provenance and classic design, look no further. And anyway, if you don’t buy one we’ll tell John Matrix you’ve got his daughter. On your head be it.

Get them at The Great Divide.


porter_force_tote_bag porter_tanker_2way_briefcase porter_tanker_briefcase porter_tanker_daypack_black porter_tanker_helmet_bag porter_tanker_wallet


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