Pretty Green x Umbro: Feel The Noise

Back in 1996 prior to appearing in front of 40,000 fans at Maine road, Liam Gallagher had a quick shuffty around the changing rooms and discovered an Umbro drill top just hanging there. Not one for missing out on a nice bit of kit he promptly put it on, bowled out on stage and the rest is history.

In honour of this moment of iconic opportunism Pretty Green and Umbro are launching their first collaboration together today. This ode to 90s sportswear with a healthy does of Rock’n’Roll injected into it features drill tops, parkas and football shirts all of which are on sale now and if last night’s launch party at the PG flagship is anything to go by this gear won’t hang around.

Shop the Pretty Green x Umbro collection at Scotts Menswear here.


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