Private White V.C., the ‘Frenchie’

Whilst you’re all busy pondering just exactly what your dream coat is going to look like whilst entering our amazing Private White VC coat design competition, check out this cracking ‘Frenchie’ jumper from the same label who will be making your piece of fantasy outerwear (should you win).

Despite the name of this ace jumper PWVC are 100% British through and through, though given their military connections to France perhaps they’ve earned the right to borrow a bit of our French cousins style and give it bit of a Mancunian twist. As what also separates this sea-faring ribbed crew neck from it’s Gallic counterparts is that it’s made from 90% cotton and 10% cashmere, which means it has a luxurious feel and manages to keep you warm but nicely ventilated too. Add some of PWVC’s trademark combat buttons onto the shoulder and you’ve got the best of both countries, the knitwear equivalent of Charlotte Gainsbourg, except it doesn’t smell of cigs or sing haunting melancholic pop (as far as we know).



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