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After a brief sabbatical involving daytime television and vimto bon-bons, Proper is back with its twelfth and easily best issue. With help from Manchester-based design gurus A-to-M and the art direction of Pica~Post’s Eóin MacManus a rather suave new facelift operation has been performed with success.

Proper Magazine issue 12 centres on Hikerdelia, with a curation of product and content surrounding that. Though we’d never say the word ‘curation’ in real life or certain mates would throw us through a shop window.

There are interviews with the people behind brands like Oak Street Bootmakers, Topo Designs, Marshall Artist and The Hill-Side, plus typical North West flavoured insight from published authors Phil Thornton and Ian Hough. Further contributions from Bruce Johnson, Colin Chapman, Tony Heslop and Johnny Diamandis make it a comprehensive read with all the geekiness one should expect from clothing obsessives, but with about as much navel-gazing as a fat man with a stiff neck. That means not very much.

This issue boasts two slightly different covers, both designed by Ben Lamb. The one you see here is only available here. The other will be available from select retailers. There are also additional illustrations from Tom Bingham and Mark Mottershead.

This is essential menswear reading for the type of man who likes nice shoes and coats but wouldn’t dream of admitting that.

80 pages, perfect bound and full colour. Delivery within 5 working days.

Buy Proper Issue 12


Mark Smith

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  2. Ok so I hope I win the contest or at least a gift bakest. When I do win please keep the bakest if any and give me the prizes, no need to wrap it up as I will be using it right away. Love the paint and the wax I use it in the shop. Waiting for a good sales day to restock on some of the colors. I will let you know when since I am running low on half of the colors I purchased from you. Good luck to you and your business as you deserve it. Thanks

  3. “Though we’d never say the word ‘curation’ in real life or certain mates would throw us through a shop window”

    The word you’re after is defenestrate.

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